What makes me tick is me is getting kisses from my daughter, basking in the warmth of the sun, sticking my neck out for an adventure, all the while finding beauty in the small and simple moments.

When I capture the perfect image, I get ecstatic, almost as much as when my birthday rolls around. 

Where is a relative term, because I feel that beauty is everywhere and can be created out of anything. Especially when smiles are involved. 

Why is something I will probably never have an answer too. I will never be able to explain why I love seeing the world through my lens, but then I wonder if its even relevant. What matters is that I absolutely love what I do.

Who I am is a bit complex. You see, I am a dreamer, and a believer, and a wanna be dancer; yet I am still a mother, a wife, and a daughter. I have an uncontrollable love for design, and funny jokes that make me smile three days later. I strive to be nothing else but myself, and that enables me to laugh often and love without question.

How it all works is always with a little bit of faith, and a lot of trust. Faith that you have chosen me as an artist, and trust in my vision. I believe with those two elements, nothing can go wrong.