30 weeks.

Dear Sawyer,

Since my last update, we have officially named you.
It was a fight...
but I gave in. 
Now you see, I've always loved your name, but I just wasn't set on it for you
Your Dad on the other hand, was immovable. 
So if you ever decide you hate it, he's the one to blame. 

You are currently, huge.
I think the pregnancy books would describe you as something bigger than a butternut squash,
but we both know thats just rubbish. 
You're you, and you never slow down. 
Currently, youre moving like crazy. Its almost uncomfortable, but not quiet.
 I'm hoping youll come out of me a little early, Im crossing my fingers for only 7 more weeks.
Do you think you'll be ready?
You see, with your sister, she decided to come out the hard way. 
So Im hoping if you come out a bit earlier, then you might come out a bit easier. 
But lets be honest, I think me and your Dad hope you'll be easier all around :) 

Youre room is still non-exsistant. But the good news is I've bought the paint!
Bad news is, I still dont even have a car seat for you. 
Things are going well though, and Mckemy loves feeling you all the time. 
She already loves you, and tells everyone about you. 

We love you,

I love you.


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