Lindsey & Steve: Married

This wedding is by far one of my favorites. 
It took place in the small town of Jerome, Arizona. 
After two years of dating, and 5 years of being engaged, and surrounded only by their closest family and friends,  Lindsey and Steve finally became husband and wife.
This was the most unique experience of my career. 
Usually the morning of the wedding is quiet chaotic. Everyone is trying to get ready, and get the last minute details in place. Its a wedding, its usually just how it goes. But this one was different. 
I told Steve that I wasnt quiet sure what to do with myself because things were so calm and there was so much down time. His reply was, thats exactly what we wanted :) 

Here is Steve's perspective of his wedding day : 
"The day was completely unpredictable, and we liked it that way. The size was small so we thought it was very intimate. Unconventional and stress free are some word that I would use to describe it. So laid back, so rugged and raw. I loved that day a lot."

I loved their reactions when seeing each other for the first time
  My favorite shot of the day :

Lindsey and Steve, I have no words. I cant thank you enough for welcoming me, and making me feel like truly just a guest at your wedding. I love you guys and am so honored to have capture your wedding!

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