19 weeks.

Dear Baby, 

You are now 19 weeks. And still nameless. 
Don't worry about that though, your Dad and I will eventually figure that one out.
I think Mckemy is finally coming around to the though of having you around. 
You see, she was pretty set on having a little sister. In fact, she used to cry every time we told her she would have a brother instead. But this week, she seems to be fond of the idea.
She kisses you goodnight, and gives you hugs all the time. 
I know she'll love you. 

Something fun that happened this week was your Dad actually felt you move. 
We were laying down for bed, and you were doing some pretty strong flips inside of me, 
and he actually got to feel it. 
That was a good moment, before we drifted off to sleep.

Take care little baby, were almost half way there. 

Love, Mom.

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Mrs. Haro said...

Aww this is precious!! Congrats again Millie!