I am so relieved to finally be able to tell the world that,
Yayyyyyyy! We are so sooo excited for this little baby to come into our family. 
I guess after 14 months of trying, we finally figured it out.
Mckemy reacted something like this:

Mckemy is now 3 1/2, and I am so happy she'll finally have a sibling. 
And not just any sibling, 
a little baby BROTHER! Thats right, were having a BOY!!! 
I am 19 weeks along, and we found out this last week that the sweet little bun in the oven is a little boy. 
Sheesh, I guess I'll have to figure out how life is with a little boy around here.
Thank you all who have kept my secret :) We are beyond excited for this little guy to come into our family at the end of May.


Wendi Solari said...

Congratulations. What a blessing.

Mrs. Haro said...

OmG!!! CONGRATuLATiONS!! That is WoNDerFuL newS!! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

Miri said...

Congratulations Millie! Yay!

Brooks Family ♥ said...

I am so happy for you Millie!!!! It is so hard to try and not be able to get pregnant... it took us 2 years. I am so glad you figured it out ;)

Jennifer Wood said...

Congrats Millie! I had a feeling seeing some of your recent pins on pinterest ;-) Boys are a joy, congrats again!