Welcome to the desert. Prepare to freeze.

Some amazing things are happening around here that I can't wait to share.
But for now, I'll just showcase a few of the awesome moments from our adventure!

To start with, we had an amazing tour guide named Otis.
He refused to be photographed.

On our first day we went to two private slot canyons.
Never in my life have I been in something like this!

For the most part it was pretty dark, but we would hit these pockets of light where it was just shining through, creating a pretty spectacular view!

After the canyons, we headed over to another tour group and they took up horseback riding!
Now I may not be an animal person, but I looove me some horses :)
After our trail ended on the horses we headed over to horseshoe bend.
This photo is totally awkward, but who cares, the view was beautiful!

Day two we hiked in to this amazing rock formation called the wave. I was told the hike was about 3 miles in, and decided to just leave my camera behind.
I couldn't have made a worse decision!!
Although the hike was rigorous, and I did have a couple mild panic attacks (fear for my life, I'm going to slip off this sandstone mountain and die) when we finally got there I couldn't stop kicking myself!
Luckily Brady (you'll meet him soon) had his iphone on him and was able to grab a photo of me and Devin.
The crazy thing about this trip was after we left the wave, we went maybe 10 miles down the road and hiked into the hudus! It was so amazing to realize these two completely different landmarks were so close together!
Let's see, who's whiter, Me or the sand?
We also took a group photo here.... but its way too embarrassing to post.
I'm pretty sure Cami has a better one somewhere.

Our third day was really relaxed. We went to a few different view point of Lake Powell, and the Hoover Dam. This was my first time really ever seeing the lake, and it is gorgeous!
So here was our group!
From the top we have Cami McFarlane, Devin, Cami Dunn, Me, Rob McFarlane, and Brady Parker.
We all came up with a word (or phrase...brady) that summed up our trip.
Finally, a trip home from page would not be compelte without stopping at the Indian jewlery stands. I just love Cami!
Seriously, this was one of the coolest experience of my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you Cami for taking us!!!! We love you :)

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