Britney & Joey

Buckle up, this is a long one.

I couldn't be more excited to share these images!
Britney first contacted me back in December, and the second I read her e-mail I knew that we were going to be the perfect match!
Britney is the dreamer and loves all things vintage, and Joey is the grounded graphic designer.
He also happens to be the most polite person I have ever met.

Our original idea for their engagements was to get out of town, and shoot on Joey's parent's cattle ranch, but mother nature had her own plans, and there was just too much snow.
So we decided to showcase a different side of their relationship.
They both live, and grew up, in phoenix so I knew that downtown was the perfect spot.

Britney & Joey, you guys rocked my world!
I can not WAIT for your wedding in April!

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mandyface said...

lady, your pics are gorg. so glad i found you! i heart local awesomeness.