Through the looking glass.

Last year I vowed to be better.
To take off the curtain and let the judgements in.
I challenged the year to strip me down while I showed it my fists.
I fought a good fight and somehow came out on top.

This year I am taking a softer approach.
And approach to love more, and worry less.
To keep my house clean, and to learn to sew.
To adventure out of my comfort zone, and to rock out to more music.
I am going to dance more freely, and document life unashamed.

2010 taught me that life goes on.
That my trials will eventually disperse, if I decide to push through,

and I pushed hard.


Love Cami. said...

love love love. keep punching life in the face. ;)

tricia said...

I wish I could write like you. I absolutely love it. You are so motivating....