Random Love

Today I ran.
I ran further than I have ever run.
I hate running with every fiber of my being,
but there is something so cleansing about it.
It is the only thing I have found that makes me feel renewed.
So I continue to run.
Someday my goal is to complete ROCK a half marathon.
Sometimes I get these crazy ideas, like a marathon is completely nuts, but 13 miles feels so attainable.

Have I mentioned I have been thinking about turning my hair red?
Yes, dying my untouched hair equals another crazy idea.
Or how about dental hygiene school after Devin is finished with his RN.

Really mind, where do you get these ridiculous ideas.

I know this post is going no where, and if you've made it this far without any pretty pictures to look at then there are two options for you.
A. You Rock
B. You find my ramblings way too interesting?
Since I will lump you all into category A, my suggestions for category B is to go write your own ramblings and be amazing.



Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

You inspire me. The end.

Hailey Meeks Frentheway said...

I have been slacking on the running and maybe we could do a half marathon together! that you be awesome. And... I can see you going into dental hygiene school. You can do anything!

Shalyn said...

2 things:

1. You could totally do a half marathon! We did one and finishing was one of the best feeling EVER!
2. Going to dental hygiene school is the best decision I ever made. Rio Salado's 15-month program is AWESOME! You would love it!

tricia said...

You can totally do it! Londons run is a good one! Also I started cosmetology school! My mind goes crazy too! My schedule is insane but it keeps me sane?!! Does that make sense?!!!

Casey said...

I woke up one day last week with the urge to run. I called my mom up and told her I wanted a pair of good running, jogging, exercising shoes for Christmas. Because I don't know if you have ever tried exercising in converse? I don't recommend it. I remember reading an article about Kate Gosselin(not my favorite person) but she was talking about when she was going through her divorce and everything in her life she felt was falling apart and she was losing control, that she picked a point in her backyard and just started running, she didn't make it the first time, but she picked a point and woke up every morning no matter how she felt and ran. Running for me is the one thing that shuts my mind off from everything else in my life.

I think you would look great with red hair. These crazy ideas I think especially for us girls, comes from wanting to shake things up. I know with me at least if I am feeling stuck or bored or whatever, changing my hair color really changes my mood. So I for one vote you color your hair, might as well live a little and change it up. You permed it, color is less damaging, and if you don't like it and want to grow it out, you just dye it the color closest to your natural color so when it grows out people won't notice! Just don't do it at home :)