Find Beauty. Every Day.

Today I met my neighbor.
A lady who lives alone.
She works nights, and it consumes her.

Today I met a beautiful person who works so hard to take on life.

Say hi to a stranger.
Be friend the lady down the street.
Smile as you walk .
Reach out more often.
The more you enrich others life's, the more fulfilling yours becomes.

I challenge you to extend yourself once this week.
Lets start a revolution and live to tell about it.
Live to create a difference,
you'll find that others live will to tell about it.

Today my heart was touched.

(Images that I adore from a special shoot in Utah)


Love Cami. said...

love these + love you. smiling is the best.

nicole ...given said...

i love these pictures! amazing

Single Ladies said...

thanks for sharing.
this is an inspiring piece of blog heaven!