My Thanks To You.

Sometimes people enter our lives at random.
We don't have to know them.
We don't even have to know their inside stories.
If we are lucky, we will see their strength and take courage from their quiet struggles.
Kathrine is a person with incredible strength.
She was given two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband.
Unfortunately, he passed away.
Watching her be so strong for her girls touched me in a way I wasn't expecting.
It has caused me to step away, and to realize what a crucial time in their lives this is,
and these photos are not just something to hang on the wall.
It is a time stamp on their lives that will forever be remembered.
What a sacred opportunity I have to capture that.

I just want to take a moment and thank each and every one of my clients.
You have all allowed me into a part of your lives.
You let down your walls and allow me in.
For that, I am grateful.
Truly. Eternally. Grateful.