Girl, you've stolen my heart.

Tonight Mckemy cried.
She cried and cried and cried.
All because I asked her to eat her oatmeal.
Enough was enough, and I made her march up to her room for bed.
Without dinner.

Luckily, for her benefit, Dad walked in the door at just the right time.
He took her up to her room, and started to brush her teeth.
As I was putting her oatmeal away (because she will eat it in the morning)
I saw the string cheese.
And my heart softened.
I ran upstairs and she happily accepted it.

Daddy stayed with her, and then brushed her teeth.
I went up to say goodnight, and she cuddled in close.
The kind of close where you hate your mom for not giving you candy, but you hold onto her because you are sad that you can't have the candy.
I started to sing our song, and her pout turned into forgiveness.
She was jumping on cue (yes, our bedtime songs include jumping :)
and full of joy.

This is life.
Every day.
And every day, it astounds me.
It reminds me that she is here to teach me.
And I better be learning.
To forgive without reserve.
To love endlessly.
And to simply be happy.



Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

This is such a sweet and endearing post.

Bud & Kim said...

So cute!

Franchesca said...

That is really honest. I love that about you. She is a sweet girl and so are you.