Brace Yourself.

A long time ago, back when I was single, there was this girl who was in my ward.
She was absolutely stunning, and part of me longed to be her friend.
During one particular sacrament meeting, she talked about her photography business.
Hearing her talk about it stirred something inside of me.
Time and time again I have looked back on that moment and realized that it was then that I realized I wanted to be a photographer.

Now two months ago I get a message on facebook.
This same girl is asking me to do her bridal portraits.
Not only is she a dream to look at, but I could not believe that her, as another photographer, was asking me.
Yet another moment in my career that I will not forget.

As nature took its course last Saturday, with piled up traffic, we ended up with only one hour to shoot with. These two were able to absolutely amazing, and are both incredible people.
I was so honored to be able to capture them!
Natalie and Deron, thank you so much, and have so much fun on your honeymoon!


Brandon and Dafni said...

She is absolutely STUNNING. And so are these pictures. You're amazing, Mill. I wish you could've done my wedding!

Bud & Kim said...

I agree with the above comment, Stunning!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Natalie said...

So wonderful, Mill!!!