Help Wanted. Can Pay In Cupcakes.

Please excuse me while the madness unfolds around me.

Packing boxes, making trips, ocean breeze, and complete insanity.

We close on our house in less than 7 days, and it would be an understatement for me to say that I havent packed anything.

Tell me, how did I acquire so much crap!

If any of you are experts in organizing, please come.

Ill buy you a cupcake.


Bud & Kim said...

Hey! Maybe I can come help you on Saturday. I'm sending Bud on a little day adventure for his birthday and I will be out of choir rehearsal at noon. Just let me know. If anything I can watch McKemy.

Love Cami. said...

i can come. :) just let me know when the party begins.

Franchesca said...

Have you guys moved? I would love to come and see you sometime. I tried texting you, I don't know if you got it.