No picture can match my words.

I sit here as of late, and wonder what do I have to share.
I could post pretty photos, or whitty humor.
I could try to convince you that my life is glamourous, or that I am extremely professional.
But it never seems to cut it.

I read others blog, and I often find myself in tears.
Their inspiration, they trials, their vulnerability are so real.
I walk away caring, and wanting to know them and to love them.

At times I wonder, what would happen if I told you my story.
Would you love me, and want to know me?
Or would you walk away, and think it was a little to much.
Because I have a story.

We all have a story.

And I guarantee you,
they are all worth sharing.


Michelle @ Sweet Moments said...

I love your blog. I love your words. Keep on keepin' on!

Casey said...

Dear Millie,

I would like to know your story, and no matter what it entailed I would still want to be your best friend. Because even now I would love to be your close even best friend, and nothing you have been through could change that. So lets get together and have a cupcake and story fest. weather is perfect for some time at the park. RSVP to me!


Orin, Minette and Sadie Packard said...

Millie! You are so cute! I read your blog and see the pictures you take and wish that I would have gotten to know you better when you lived just upstairs from me! So PLEASE, write your story! Tell me more about yourself so maybe I can have another chance at getting to know you! :)

Adria said...

can i just tell you.....all the years i have known you, which has been like 20 i think? i have never loved you more! AND my dear it's because i know you and your story! why do i feel like i see you less now that you are at my house two days a week? thursdays happy hour? miss you!

Leah Simmers said...

I love this! You wrote it well! I'm the some. I love those blogs that move me, but I cant seem to write well. You did well here. I love hearing stories, I love to learn about people, deep down, undoing all the layers to know "them".
Keep on going I like what you're doing here.
Like I said, I'm no good with words so hope that came out right :)