Today I was thinking about my old self.
I used to be so fearless, and ready to make my move.
Now I am afraid to drive in the carpool lane in the restricted hours.
It made me wonder what happened. What made me so reserved.
I still haven't figured it out, and I'm not sure if its bad or good.
I just know it happened.

Since becoming a photographer, I have realized so many things about myself.
I feel like it really shows me my strengths and weaknesses so clearly, that sometimes I want to run and hide.
Then again, it has taught me to step up and move foreword when its hardest.
I guess all I can say is I truly love what I do, and who it has helped me become.

Oh and p.s. I loved today's shoot :)


kate lines said...

it's funny how much we change. i feel like i'm a completely different person then i was 3 years ago, before marriage. i dont even really remember the old kate...

can't wait to see more from this shoot!

Bud & Kim said...

I don't think you are less fearless, I just think you are more cautious and aware of life now that you have a husband and a beautiful little girl. You realize how precious life is now and as a young adult and teenager you feel invincible. But I think you are brave! You are telling the world who you are through your photography. You make bold decisions in your editing and in your shots and you are not afraid to share your work. You are doing great! Don't be afraid of who you are becoming just because it is a little different than who you used to be. ;-)

Connie said...

I love that girl! Natalie is beautifuuuul inside and out!

nadia shea said...

I'm itching to shoot with you again, I love her outfit! Lovely shot Millie. And I completely relate to this post. Funny, I just posted about something really similar before reading this one. I was talking about how I am lonely and longing for something, but I don't know what. Maybe you just helped me solve the mystery, maybe I'm longing for the old me. Anyways. I just bought a dress that deserves a photo shoot... think Rachel Mcadams in the Notebook.