Eggs & Slippers.

Sometimes its not a good idea for me to venture out. Especially on days like today.
I went to the store for a simple toothbrush, and came out with $60 dollars worth of merchandise.
I've been so into my own thoughts today, and I think compulsive shopping is my way of reaching out.
For instance, I saw these, and I just had to have them. :
Comforting, warm, and personal.

Perfect cure for a day of overwhelming thoughts.

The irony and opposition of life are two things I will never understand. Why a perfect moment of happiness presents its self, and just
when the feeling of contentment boils up and fills our chest, darkness creeps in.
Today these are my thoughts. Its an uphill battle that I am not sure will ever be won.


Natalie said...

Opposition in all things, of course! I am McLovin' on those slippers, though!

I did a shoot today, and anytime I drew a blank, I thought to myself: "What would Millie do?"

Suddenly the world was all better =]

Let me know if you ever need anything! Gah I love you! Cake/abs. Yupps.

kate lines said...

i really like the slippers... and your words, you described a feeling perfectly.