Yesterday was just a tease.

Ok, so remember a few days ago I was talking about how I fell and hurt my foot?
Well this lucky family is the one who witnessed it first hand.
Bless their souls for not laughing :)
They are such a stylish and if I must say, attractive group!
Becky contacted me roughly 3 days before the shoot, wondering if I had any openings!
Lucky for her, I did.
These 3 words are what sealed the deal: Colorful, Creative, and Non-Traditional!
I was sold.
I told her we were just going to meet at a certain spot and walk around.
So they all showed up ready for the hike, and her cute little Mom is in stilettos!
Ahh, I left this shoot SO excited for what 2010 is bringing!
Thank you Maxwell Family for helping bring in the year with pure AWESOMENESS!

A little guy time:
My Personal Favorite:


Cody & Rachelle Steele said...

i love them! i'm totally digging that blue dress, black belt, tights outfit. super cute!

kate lines said...

cool! i like the first one.