Major update.

Oh man. Where has the past couple weeks gone too.
Its seems as though every day I have great admirations for blogging, then suddenly its 8pm and I decide to spend the time with my hubby instead.
Last week I had 4 shoots, including a wedding. So I've spent the past few dates uploading, importing, exporting, rating, backing up.... all the technical side of editing.

During my shoot on Sunday, with a SUPER stylish family that I cant wait to share!!, I fell pretty hard and hurt my foot. I got up and brushed it off, but I got some nice road rash and a few bruises from it.
Now, I am sure you are saying...what?! You fell?
And yes, I was hustling to move a diaper bag out of the shot and I was wearing my slippery shoes, and bam! I went down.
A little embarrassing, but I am just grateful they didnt bust up laughing at me :)

As the Sunday progressed, my head continued to fill with clouds of clogged sinuses.
The next following days were filled of mouth breathing, and sleeping on my back.

But alas, I am feeling better and am ready to share some of the goods!

Melissa and David got married on the first Saturday of 2010!
I was so excited to start the year of with a fabulous wedding!
I shot their engagements here.
I cant express how vital engagement shoots are! Especially if you are someone who is camera shy.
David and I talked about how much more relaxed and comfortable he was this time around, because of the engagement session!
Super important to get to know, and trust, your photographer!
Ok, enough rambling!!
Fun detail shots:

A huge shout out and thanks to my awesome friend/second shooter Sara!!!


Bud & Kim said...

Yea! I've been waiting for these. Great job Millie the photos are beautiful. Melissa is going to love them.

Cody & Rachelle Steele said...

all these shots are fantastic mill!!

The Smith Family said...

Holy cow!! you are so talented!!! I love all of your photos.
I only WISH you could take my kids' pictures. The twins aren't TOO bad, but the baby is SO hard to photograph, bc.... well... she's two. lol.
I TOTALLY need a canvas of the baby, and I want to get one of Cason and I. So, where is the best place to order them? I just feel like paying $60+ dollars for a freakin' thin wrap 8x10 is SO much money! whew!
Let me know, if you have any good places I should look. You ARE the professional! :)
Talk to ya later!

Autumn Fauver said...

ok so I happened upon you blog the other day, & I have to say, love your photography & I love your style of writeing. I always feel genuinely uplifted afterward. also this bride looks allot like me It is kind of cool... anyways your awesome, love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

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