Loo Loo

Let me get you up to date:

Me:"Devin, I'm bringing you home a surprise"
Devin: "Is it a fish??"
Me: "Uhhh, no."

Me:"Let's go shopping"
Devin:"Yeah, lets go buy a fish!"

Devin: "Today, lets go buy a fish!"
Me: "Why in the world do you want a fish? And...no."

As you can see, this has been an on going conversation, and above are only a few examples from the past 2 years.

So now, fast forward to January 19th, 2010 or otherwise known as Devin's 24th Birthday.
He went to work, without mentioning to anyone that is was his Birthday (unlike me, who announces it from the roof tops). His boss texted him a couple hours into the day, after discovering it was indeed his birthday, wished him a happy birthday and let him know there was something waiting for him in his box.
So Devin continues on with work, finishes up and goes back to the office to discover a $25 dollar visa card waiting for him. Score!! I am thinking, a nice dinner or a fun date (yes again, my selfish attributes at their best).

So now Wednesday comes, and Devin decides to go out and buy some shoes with the gift card his Mom gave him. He calls me and lets me know he is on his way home with some slick new kicks under his belt. I say sweet, see ya in a few.
5 minutes.
10 minutes.
15 minutes.
20 minutes..... Where the heck is he?

I give him a call and he says he had to make a pit stop and is bringing home a special surprise.
Again, I say SCORE! and start mustering up all the fun ideas he could have bought for me!
(Do you see a reoccurring theme yet?!)

Another 15 minutes passes by, and finally he walks in the door.
What could it be, a movie, ice cream, lunch, clothes???

Eeerrrr, wrong.

Lo and behold, it's a fish.
And not just a fish, a bowl, and a little fake plant to go with it all.

Ugh, are you kidding me?!

I act soo not excited, and tell him how not cool it is, and continue to proceed with how we have no room, and all his thoughts of where to put him just wont work.

Yes I know, I am a real supporter.

Then he tells me that he put the fish right in the middle of his new zen garden (are you getting the big picture?!)
and I have to admit, its not a bad spot.

Now fast forward to last night, its been a couple days and our little fish has grown on me.

I tell Devin that we have to name her, and since every potential child name I come up with always gets shut down, he gives me the honor of having full control.

So I think, and think, and think, for a whole 2 minutes, and triumphantly say, "How about Loo Loo?! :)"
He smiles, and says ok, (probably just glad to finally be able to go to sleep) and turns off the lights.

Although I claim "she" is a "he", because we all know that in nature the boys are flamboyant and the girls are plain janes, but Devin swears I am wrong.
So here we go.
Everyone meet Miss Loo Loo, Loo Loo this is everyone.



Cody & Rachelle Steele said...

this post made me laugh so hard. you guys crack me up.

kate lines said...

why hello, lou lou!

(okay, i have you tell you. when we first got married landon came home with a 150 gallon fish tank. it. was. huge. so i dont really feel that bad for you. but i do think your cute.)

nadia shea said...

this is so adorable. I love this. It's so funny how when you love someone, and they are so passionate about something, you can't help but chuckle and be supportive. Even for something as silly as a little lou lou.

Natalie said...

awhh fishy fishy!

eh..sushi? :-P jk