House Life.

Floors, I wish you stayed clean.
Dishes, I wish you cleaned yourself.
Food, I wish you wouldn't go moldy.
And most of all, Fridge I wish you would kick out all the food before it goes moldy.

You see guys, sometimes Im just not in the mental state of keeping up with you.
You run to fast, and leave me far behind and quite breathless.

Today, I went grocery shopping.
Im starting to believe that you can really tell a lot about a person, depending on how they shop.
Me: Try for the necessities only, attempts at healthy foods, but still always include chips, salsa, and ice cream.
So what does this mean about who I am, well growing up my mom NEVER bought sugar cereals. Let alone quick fixes of any type of meal. Anything that you wanted to eat, you made from scratch. Now with 7 kids to raise, the this became quite cost effective, since the more packaged a product is, the more expensive it gets.
So here I am, trying to buy healthy, but the real side of me eats Taco Bell at least once a week, and forgets what my meal plan was, or thinks its just too hard.
I think thats where the chips and salsa, and ice cream come into play.
I put on this facade of being a healthy eater, and just as you are about to be convinced I am , here comes the glorious comfort food.
Just in case you aren't up to speed, the ice cream represents my taco bell.
(but in reality, I still eat both)

But today my friends, today was different.
I walked away with cookies, and doughnuts.
I think thats another sign that my emotional state has been questioned, and food is here to rescue me.

The true undertones to all this rambling is that the past 24 hours have been tough.
Take a look at that photo, and realize I took that picture as I wrote this blog.
Flip side is, I cleaned out the middle shelf of my fridge when Mckemy went down for a nap.
Roughly 5 hours ago.
Its just been one of those days.
But I have hopes that this day will get better, and that the sun will shine again.

Speaking of forecast, looks like rain tomorrow :)


angela hardison said...

i always know there's something deeper going on when i come home from the grocery store with candy and cookies and treats... but sometimes that's just what you need, right?

also. today while shopping at trader joe's i decided that it's cheaper to buy certain things already prepared (frozen enchiladas, for example) instead of making them from scratch for 2.

Cody & Rachelle Steele said...

xoxoKrysten said...

I try hard to stay away from those things - but then I get home and I CRAVE them!

Adria said...

oh mill! this post made me laugh! why do i feel like i haven't seen you in forever? who cares what you eat or buy for that matter...i think you rock:) please tell me you are coming over on thursday?:)