Help for Haiti!

This Saturday from 2-5pm I will be participating in a shoot to help with Haiti Relief Efforts!
I would love it if my reads came out to support me and all the local efforts of raising money for the devastation!
All the information is below, but please remember to put AMELIA KATE PHOTOGRAPHY, or AMELIA SOUTHWORTH down as your photographer
when you are reserving your spot!! Can't wait to see you all there!!



Stout House said...

Shut up, i can't believe it! Millie Southworth!?!? Do you remember The Stouts from the Lee Ward oh-so-long ago in SLC? You guys lived here fore like 3 months, you had just barely gotten pregnant.. do you remember?

So I'm at work completely boared and am looking through Libby Brown's blog list of friends and it says MILLIE SOUTHWORTH!! What the- if you don't remember us than this is COMPLETELY awkward (lol) and totally disregard this comment.

Wow, I hope you guys are doing well- I'm assuming you are still in AZ. Your pics are amazing!

adsv15sd said...

Better late than never.