Dear Santa, can you please narrow down my options?

Hello! I am back, and Christmas was wonderful!
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!
I am working on a compilation of events to share with all of you...if should be awesome :)

Well today I was shopping online (a love of mine) with my lovely new gift card and this is what I came up with...

What do you think?
I cant decide which one I like best.
I love the double breasted goodness of the red one.
The classic appeal to the brown one.
And the out of the box mango ribbed funk to the last one.
I need your help :)

I will be blogging updates on the photography give away on Wednesday, December 30th so keep your eyes pealed!!


Love Cami. said...

#1 #1 #1! cute.

T Cupp said...

#1 [ =

Bud & Kim said...

Agreed! #1

Caitlin said...

i vote for the brown one! i'm over plaid, you can't go wrong with brown [and always put plaid underneath if you want] all 3 are amazingly cute though : )