Life little moments.


Yesterday, while I was at church, one of my little primary girls turned to me and suddenly concerned asked me, "Are you ok?!" Me, quite puzzled "Yes, why?" Her: "Did you just crack your bones!?"

Sometimes life gets us when we least expect it. It makes us smile, and brightens our day so unexpectedly, and that is when I know that someone is watching out for us.

While Devin and I were teaching our lesson to our class, one of the girls asked, well how do we know God is watching out for us? This was my answer:
Do you have food to eat?
Clothes to wear?
A bed to sleep in?
Do your parents have jobs?
Do you have friends to play with?... She quickly realized that everything she had is from her Father in Heaven, and that he is there watching over her.

Like I said, I love life's little moments.

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nadia shea said...

this post made me weep. I'm glad you documented this experience because although it was sweet and special, it's moments like that that many overlook and forget. You had the PERFECT answer to a profound question. I ask myself that question sometimes, and I need to answer it accordingly :]