Family Time

As I sit here, thinking back on the year I am amazed at how things have changed.
One year ago today, I was anxiously sitting on my couch, staring at the clock waiting for my package to arrive. Around 2pm the there was a knock on the door, and I knew exactly who it was. My favorite man in a brown uniform. Yes, I am talking about the UPS man. As I scribble my name down on his pad and close the door, I begin tearing the box open. Yes. I am talking about the day I received my first camera. As Devin walked in the door that day, I was there waiting, camera up to my face ready to snap the shutter before he even knew what hit him. Of course, he already guessed I would be there.
The next day was thanksgiving. My family had no idea of my dreams of becoming a wedding photographer, or any type of photographer, and were baffled when I showed up with my brand new camera. It never left my hands, and rarely left my face.
Every click, was exhilarating. It was like I saw the world in a whole different light.
I had no idea what apertures were or how to control a shutter speed, let alone metering and correct exposures. But it didn't matter. I had a dream, a goal, a vision.

Now, a year later, on the exact same day I am sitting here waiting for the man in the beautiful brown uniform to knock on my door to deliver my brand new lens. I'm knee deep in editing, booking weddings, and watching my vision unfold. I have so much more to learn and quite a ways to go, but today marks the beautiful journey.

{Have a wonderful thanksgiving}


Deanna said...

This is seriously so funny. I was literally just talking about this with Leila. All you need is a dream and the ambition to achieve it. We all knew you had it Mil....and look at you know?!?! You truly have an amazing talent. Keep rockin' it girl!!!!!

Adam+Tatum said...

I am so proud of you Millie! It is amazing what you can accomplish in a year.....I can't wait to see what you get around to doing in your lifetime!

Kristen Wachendorf said...

Wow a year! I can't wait to see your magic with the new lens!! You are truly amazing Millie!

nadia shea said...

that is inspiring! I am so overwhelmed by my dreams that seem impossible.

Love Cami. said...

:) im so proud!