Orajel anyone?

This little daughter of mine has been having such a hard couple of day. Teething her first year molars mean lots of sleepless nights. Last night we both had a solid 3 hours of sleep :) It's amazing how I can wake up at 6 am, after finally going to bed at 3, and still think she is the cutest thing alive.
{this photo is from our awesome trip to Utah, that I still have yet to blog about}


Little Beachs said...

she is adorable!!

Darcy Lyn Photography said...


Libby said...

She IS so cute! Have you tried the teething tablets made by Hyland? You can get them at Whole Foods and there are 120 tablets for $6. They have really worked for Madison. I wish that I would have had them for Jackson.

Adria said...

probably because she is the cutest thing alive! what a doll:) hope she cuts those teeth soon so you can get some sleep!

btw, thanks for the eggs! you saved my dinner:)