Are YOU in the mood to spend $9 dollars?!

So here is a little post for the personal side of my blog. I am a big failure at this part of my blog, but there is a person behind the photos and today I am poking my head out!

My sister called me late last night and said, "Are you in the mood to spend $9 dollars?!" My reply was a hesitant "suure...." So she send me to a website called If any of you have ever been a nursing mom, you might know what a hooter hider is, and if any of you have tried to nurse in public you might know what a hassle it can be, especially if it's your first child. Ugh, what a pain! Well hooter hiders are awesome because they cover the mom completely but still allow them to see their cute baby underneath the covering. GEINUS! Well has an awesome promo code that discounts the entire cost for one hooter hider and all you have to pay is the shipping!


Just go and pick out your favorite hooter hider and enter the code of CHATTER and wa-la! I am not sure when it expires, but hurry on over! I bought two :)


DR Gunderson Family said...

Thanks for the info! I totally have these on my wish list but they cost like $40 so i haven't bought them yet. But now thanks to you i have 2 on the way for under $20!!! So cool! Thank your sister for us :)

troy and Whit said...

hey millie! when are you guys planning on applying for nursing school?

Purple Nickel Studio said...

I don't have kiddos it weird that I WANT several of these?...LOL.