Beautiful Clouds, Slight Breeze, Good Company.

On September 26th-30th I will be in the lovely state of Utah!
So if you are in Salt Lake or Springville, and anywhere in between lets meet!
I have a limited number of slots open for bookings, so hurry and get your dates in before they fill up, and they will fast!
To reserve your spot E-mail me at!

Introducing: David&Rachel.
David&Rachel are madly in love.
David&Rachel met in highschool.
David left on his mission for our church in 2005.
Rachel waited for David to come back.
Two years later David returned.
Two weeks later they were engaged.
Two years later they are now expecting their first baby.
Everybody, please meet David&Rachel.


{Megan in Wonderland} said...

lets do lunch/dinner/something, ok?

Rachael Earl said...

Cute little prego belly! These are darling!