Oh fellow readers, hello! I am so sorry for my lack of presence on the blog lately.

I got home from California late Monday night, and was so pumped to start working again!

Tuesday I upload all the amazing images, so excited to share with the blogging world, and BAM!

All my programs stopped working. I haven't been able to edit a single photo.

Talking about freaking out, frustrated, stressed, trying to figure it out. Still no luck.

I am hoping to get this figured out by the end of today, so please hang in there with me.

I can tell you though, California was absolutely wonderful. I ventured with my wonderful sister, and we had quite the adventure.

I can't wait to show you!


Lauren Thomas said...

I can't wait to see!!!

Love Cami. said...

MILLIE! you have no reason to be jealous.. I really hope you figure this hiccup out, let us know if we can help.