July 31st-August 3rd, September 4th-6th

Hello Everybody :) 
I have two lovely vacations come up in the very near future, and I wanted to let you know that I will be open for photo sessions during those times! 
I will be in California visiting the LA and Huntington areas July 31st-August 3rd.
Next, I will be in the Springville, Provo, and Salt Lake City, Utah areas the first weekend in September. 
Although they are both short trips, I am available for a few sessions for each location! :) I am so excited to get out of this wretched heat and feel the ocean breeze and see the leaves change colors! 
Please e-mail me at millie@photosbymillie.com if you would like to book a session. 


Libby said...

I would love a kids session when you are in Ut. I am throwing a shower for Courtney Belliston from the ward on saturday-did you know her? But if you are able to do it later in the day or friday or sunday I could do that too. If anything, it would so fun to see you!

*Love the family pic...:)

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

I love that family picture of you guys!

Brandon and Dafni said...

My baby shower is that weekend in SLC! I'd love to see you pretty lady if you have the time! <3