Recently my views on photography have changed. I feel like I have found my niche. For a while I have been floating with no direction, but times are changing. The source, Weddings. Just the thought of it gives me excitement and motivation to create something great. There is something so special about about capturing two people in love, in their element, and telling their story. I know that I look back on my own wedding photos and cherish them, and this is what I want to give to others. My blog will continue with be filled with all of my work and recent projects, but will also become a source of inspiration for those brides/future brides. I am so excited about this, and all of the adventures that it will bring my way. I can wait to meet all of my new clients and give them something that they will look back on and love for years to come. I have to take a second to thank all of you for your continuing support because I could not be here without it. 
So heres to my new adventures, and what better way to celebrate it with a beautiful bridal image my sister sent me yesterday. I do not know the artist, but the image is absolutely stunning. 


Lisa said...

Hey Millie! It's Lisa Boatman...think I saw your blog through Facebook??? Not sure.

Pretty sure this photo is from Rosa Clara Bridal...can't find exact image though. But if you look all the other pictures has the same window and same chair. In case you wanted to find out more about the image. Anyways love your stuff! So amazing!

Lisa said...

Sorry to comment again but I found the photo. On the website click on Rosa Clara on the righthand menu...then at the bottom click "see models"...then it's under the image called "119 laura" :]