The Gospel is True.

I just received the news of divorce from a couple that I absolutely love! 
I am filled with so much grief for them and the hardship that has occurred. 
Marriage is such an important part of this life, and I am so grateful for mine. To know that I have someone there everyday who is going to love me, and put up with my moods and needs is such a gift from my Heavenly Father. It is so vital to who I am to be able to love somebody and to serve somebody on a daily basis, without it I will be so selfish. My husband is such a great and amazing person and he loves me way too much, but I know that with out our Father in Heavens hand in our life we would be so lost. 
I am so grateful for my husband. He keeps me in check, and never complains when I ask him to carry me to bed. He rushes to my rescue when I see a bug that needs squishing and never forgets to give me a goodnight kiss. Our marriage and family is the single most important thing in my life, and the one thing that I will fight for every day. 
I just can't express how grateful I am for the knowledge that I have and a Heavenly Father who loves me and helps me every day. 


Libby said...

I agree Millie. I am so thankful for Mike and for our marriage, sealing and union. It is such a wonderful thing to have and to cherish always.

I am so sad about this whole Jon & Kate news. I wish they had the gospel in their lives too. It would make such a difference for their cute little family.

Lauren Thomas said...

I stumbled across your blog today and was instantly interested! I am just starting out with my photography business as well. I've been up and running about a year. I love it!

Also, I totally agree that the Gospel is TRUE and that God can heal all things if we let Him.