Ever since I bought my camera, my sister, Genessa and I have been talking about going out for a little session. Well we finally got around to it yesterday and I am so glad we did! She is absolutely beautiful in every way, and is such a fun person to be around. A couple of weeks ago I found this spot, and just fell in love! When we got there we ran into a huge swarm of bees on this old tire and later heard rattlesnakes in the grass. The road to getting the shot isnt always easy, but it is so worth it! 

Favorite of the day:


Phatchik said...

Beautiful shots! I really love your composition. You're very creative!!! I can't believe you ran into a swarm of bees, and old tire and a rattlesnake - nuts!! But you got the shot and that's all that counts. So what if your lives where in danger!?!

kate lines. said...

your favorite is my favorite.

i know, i hate blogger's resolution. it alwasy distorts my shadows. its drives me nuts. i am thinking of switching to typepad... heard good things about them?

kate lines. said...

okay see!

4th picture down, (hodling the flower) does the shadow on her arm look distorted to you? but when you click on it big it looks perfect... maybe its my computer? hmn. tell me if you see it.

dang blogger!

(you don't have to approve this comment, i just want to see if someone else sees it! if you go to my latest post on my photography blog, there is a picture where grooms jacket looks SO bad!)

i hope this makes sense.

kate lines. said...

see my problem is not the coloring. (i always shoot in sRGB) it is just the shadows.

oh well.

anyways these shot's are lovely!

Love Cami. said...

hey mrs. your sis is beautiful...

so kate wants to do lunch with you and I! would you want to next week?!

jenna♥devon said...

those are the cutest pictures. sounds like a freaky place but it looks good so i would go there anyway!