Blogger makes my pictures look like POO!

So last week I took my friend out for a little fun! I have shot Caitlin once before, but lets not re-live those ones! :) As a photographer, every time you get behind the camera you are improving, even if you have been doing it for 20 years. So I told Caitlin that it was time for new pictures and she was more than happy to obligee! 

And for the record, blogger thinks it knows how to make my pictures look better than me, so it takes the liberty and changes the colors all on its own! So there for they aren't as warm and happy on here. Please forgive Blogger, it is only trying to do what it thinks is best. 
Edit: Chris Paxman came to my rescue, once again, and now my pictures are looking nice and pretty!!! 


Love Cami. said...

Adria was just telling me about your route 44 adventure, i would have drank it alll... Mmmm

Svancara Family said...


Chris Paxman said...

I like the second to last one alot... the one green leaf, whether intentional or not is pretty awesome!

Pati Pakulis said...

Hey There,

You might want to upload your pics to photobucket 1st... then paste them into your blog post. One nice benefit... larger photos. Just ans fyi!

Great shoot!

hollywoodkiss04 said...

Hi Ry!

It's Rog from Ellsworth Photography (EPlove) and I just wanted to say thanks for having us on your blog. That's so cool of you! I just had one complaint though, I think you've got us on the wrong list. I mean come on, right there with the Lyon's and Kaiser' you're crazy! Hahaha, Just thought I'd say thanks and tell you digitally that we are stoked and honored to be in that list. Don't be a stranger, cause strangers are danger and lame in most cases. Adios'