Easter 2009

This past weekend was so much fun! My family decided to celebrate Easter on Saturday instead of Sunday and it was the best idea ever! We all got to my parents around 11:30 and just hung out all day. It was filled with good fun, great company, and awesome dessert! I love my family so much. I can honestly say my sisters are my best friends, and my favorite people to be around. So heres to celebrating my Savior and honoring the life he lived for all of us. I am so grateful to have knowledge that I can live with him again, because of the life he lived. I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend. Enjoy the pictures :)







Leila said...

Absolutely, Positively, Amazing!
Really, the pictures of K & A, are Incredible. But the pictures of MK, WOW, now those are some extremely FABULOUS shots!
My Sisters are my best friends too!!!

Cam and Bri said...

Cute pics Mill. Grayson really liked the ones of himself. Ok I really like the last picture now that it is in black and white. I change my mind from sat. You are sooo talented! ;)

Libby said...

I love how the colors are in the pictures. Very clear and lovely. I also love the header pictures. Very cute.

I hope you guys had a very happy Easter!