Senior Lovin

So, have I mentioned how much I LOVE my friend Tara Keator? She is a phenomenal photographer, and someone that I admire so much! I have been so fortunate to be able to hang out with her on few different shoots, and this is one of them. These three girls have been friends since birth, and they are just so stinkin cute! Shooting them was such a great experience because they were just so full of energy, and I completely ate it up! I love doing Senior session for that reason. They are at such a great place in life, and are up for anything! There were so many good shots that I couldn’t keep myself from posting a ton, and these really are only just a few!







DSC_6139 DSC_5893

DSC_5902This is a candid shot that I don’t think she knew I took.


DSC_5968This was totally Tara’s shot, but I love the colors too much to not show it!!

I am so grateful that Tara let me tag along, because I loved every second of this!


Bruce and Chanteal said...

Millie you are so talented!

Purple Nickel Studio said...

The shot with the girl holding her necklace up near the lens is my favorite! Looks like mag. shot or anthro!!! Great colors!

Rachael Earl said...

Cute shots!

Nathaniel and Rachel Allen! said...

Mille! It's Rachel Tuft/Allen! Danica told me that you're a photographer and that your blog link was on her blog! I am so glad that I found you. How have you been? Oh and wow. You are a really good photographer!!!! Well I just wanted to say hi and that I miss you and that I love you and that you on your wedding day... well gorgeous!!! Keep in touch please :)

Our Happy Family said...

Millie all i can says is your talent is what got you the referal! I just showed my sis your blog and the rest was all because of you! I will continue to help support you any way I can! Your Awesome... And with more and more experience your possiblities are endless!