I know I know, She is so cute right!?

Ok! Today I did my first baby shoot! This cute little girl is named Brylee, how cute is that! I just love her red hair and her chubby legs! I can’t wait to edit the rest of these! I tried getting more done tonight, but I have the worst luck with software and ran into lots of problems, so this is all I’ve got for now! Yes, its another sneak peak, but hey, I’m givin all I got! So enjoy this little bundle of love!



Chris Paxman said...

She is SUPER cute!

Libby said...

I love the tutu. We did that with Madison and she looked so cute. You are a talented photographer.

I went private. I sent you an invite, but I don't know if it got to your blogging email. If you didn't get it and still want to view it, please send an email address my way with the email you want used.

Hope you guys are doing great!