Fixin it up my way!

So I am totally loving this blog!!
So many fun opportunities to grow and learn! On Fridays they have Fix it Friday where everyone can edit this one photo any way they want. It is fun to see how other people make the photo their own, and how they do it! So here is my rendition! This photo was pretty good all on its own, here is the original.

Now here is my finished version

Ok, first I use the Totally Rad Actions mix, both sets. They are FABULOUS, and I reccomend getting them if you don't have them! I will capitalize all of the actions I used, just so you know when I am talking about an action.
  • First, in the original shot, there is a big pole in the background so I used my Healing Brush and Clone Stamp to get rid of it.
  • Then I applied LIGHTS ON to lighten up the entire photo. Then I added a layer mask and took it off of the background, so only the boy was light up.
  • Then I used BIG BLUE, from the action mix, to really enhance that blue sky.
  • I really wanted a nice warm glow to radiate from the boy so I used CINNAMON TOAST and brought down the opacity to my liking.
  • Then I used some YIN/YANG, other wise known as Dodging and Burning which is just a fancy way of saying, I selectively lightened and darkened certain parts of the picture like strands of his Hair.
  • I really wanted this boy to just pop out at you, so I needed to make the background almost non-existent. So I applied VIGNETTE+BLUR FAST, which just creates a dark and blury edge to put more focus on your subject. Because my subject is on the side of the frame, it made him too dark, so I made a Layer Mask, and took the Vignette off of mainly the boys face, but a few other places as well.
  • I wanted his skin to just be soft and radiant so I used my PRO RETOUCH and applied it to his face. First it took away too much detail, so I brought down its opacity and lightened it up in a few spots.
  • Then I used my Sponge tool and Saturated his lips just a little bit.
  • Then I Dodged and Burned some more in spots like his Eye Lashes, the crevaces of his Nose and Smile Line and in between his Lips. I Dodged over his face just a little bit more to lighten it some more. I also darkened the Horizon right above his head just a little bit.
  • Some where in there I cropped the image with a 6 x 4 Crop then turned it so it was a bit creative and mainly just focuses on the boy.
  • Then I flattened my image and applied A BETTER WEB SHARPEN so it would stay nice and pretty for when I upload it onto the internet.
And WA-LA!! I am finished and have a nice pretty picture in front of me!
Feel free to leave your suggestions! I am a beginner is Photo Shop, so anything to make things more efficent is glady accepted!


Missy said...

Nice edit,, kinda has a dreamy feel to it. Good job

Tanya said...

Great looking edit and I love your header.

Catherine said...

Beautiful! So soft but colorful at the same time. Great edit!

Sharon said...

Love it!

Sharon said...

Awww... it makes his little face seem lost in dreamland. :)

SKELLER said...

Beautiful light and warmth in your edit. Lovely. :-)

Josie said...

Very nice-looks really good!

Puna said...

I really like it! I have TRA2, not the first set. I did it backward.