Be prepared.

I love how words can change a soul. I just read, and as I was reading the words just hit me and made think of so many way I can change my life. They made me realize that the things going on around me can be so meaningless. It hit me that even though people can be so hard towards others, that in due time it will always come full circle, and that I need to let it go. I love realizing that when we judge others, we ourselves are truly the judgmental ones. I love the feeling of having an eternal perspective and not just a here and now outlook on my life, and words give that too me. I love how words have changed the world, and have personally change me.

Most of all, I love how words inspire me to forgive.


Love Cami. said...

that gave me the chills milosh.. so deep..

i hope i get to see you tonight!

James and Tiffany Hatch said...

I just found your blog. and i think i read the whole thing. i knoe i am kind of creepy! You have such a beautiful little family! Hope everthing is going well. We should get together some time!