25 Things.

So this has been all over facebook and I was tagged 50 billion times. I saw Matt Sloan take it to his blog and thought it was a grand idea. So here are 25 things about me that you maybe didn't know before.

1. Ever since Mckemy was born, I clench my teeth when I sleep. I think it is because I am tense and expect her to wake up any second. Needless to say, I don't sleep too well at night.

2. I am a very emotional person. Every time I watch extreme home makeover I cry. I can get offended easily, and I tend to feel terrible knowing I offended someone. I am a complete mess when I am pregnant.

3. I was engaged with a ring on my finger 4 weeks after meeting my husband, and was pregnant less than 4 months after that. We move fast ;)

4. I love art. It moves my soul in so many ways. Every form just grabs at me, and I want to be proficient in all of it. I went to DC in high school and spent 99% of my allotted time in one art museum. I was with my friend Aaron and we made it a point to see every art piece inside.

5. I am horrible at cleaning. I often say that if there was a worst house wife of the year award I would win it! I hate doing the dishes and putting away clothes...so needless to say my house is a mess :/

6. I tend to give "dirty looks" without realizing it when I am into my own thoughts. A lot of my good friends used to have bad opinions of me before they knew me because of this.

7. Friendships mean so much to me. I love being somebody's go to person. My mom used to tell me that I can't be everybody's "Dear Abby"...? At the same time, I tend to get sad when I feel friendships drift apart.

8. I used to be able to sing but then I shot my vocal cords with a very big gun. I have had nods and callouses on my vocal cords along with muscle damage. I guess my love for singing has to be put to rest.

9. I have been a lover of interior design and photography my entire life. There is just something about seeing a well put together room and a photograph that can capture it that moves my soul. I went to school for interior design for 2 years, and can't wait to go back.

10. My litte girl is the best thing in my life, along with my husband. She is the love of my life, and the cutest baby I could ever ask for. Although my pregnancy was one of the hardest trials I have ever had in my life.

11. I am a picker. I pick my daughters nose, the wax out of her ears, my ingrown toenails (they grow like that), my fingernails, you name it I probably pick at it. I have gotten better over the years, but I used to find myself putting holes in plastic table cloths with out realizing it at first, and my styrafoam cups never had a chance of survival. I also bite my straws.

12. I often feel like I am meant to do something great in this life. I have so many aspirations for myself like becoming crafty, being able to sew, draw and paint. I have always dreamed of being able to paint.

13. I rely on my husband for so many things. Without him, I dont know where I would be. He is my absolute best friend, and is so wonderful for putting up with me as much as he does. Love you babe!

14. I am LDS. Being a "mormon" explains a lot of who I am. I love my religion and I love who it has helped me become.

15. I can be very out spoken at times and I have a lot of out spoken and opinionated friends. On the contrary I tend to not speak my opinions in around out spoken people.

16. I have been accused of being ditzy. My aunt used to call me her favorite blonde trapped in a brunetts body. I just have a hard time explaning all of the thoughts going on in my head. So I tend to just say the end of my thought process and people don't understand what I am trying to say. Lets put it simply, I have a hard time explaning myself.

17. I have terrible teeth. My enamel is very weak and thin and my saliva (yummy!) is ascidic, and it has caused me to have around 40 cavities. In fact my 12 year old molers came in with cavities. I will confess, I am a failur at flossing.

18. I never knew about the loch ness monster before I met my husband. I also thought sasquatch was a women indian until I was correct by my husband. He knows about crazy things!

19. I am a very picky eater! My sisters tell me that I have the palate of a 5 year old. A few things that I don't like are avacadeos, pepper, oninons, olives, mushrooms, blueberries, cheese on my burgers...and the list goes on.

20. I have an extreme passion for music. I took piano lessons for 10 years. I love music so much, but I often forget to play it when I am in the car or just hanging out at home. When I watch movies like phantom of the opera or pride and prejudice I am so moved by the music. I am currently listening to Lilly Allen.

21. I am a home body! I stay at home with my baby girl every day and never get stir crazy. This can be a downfall because I often lack the motivation to get up and get out my house but I am content. I need to work on it.

22. I am from a very large family. I am number 6 of 7 biological children, but in reality I am 7 0f 11. (MY PARENTS ARE SAINTS!) Both of my parents are from families of 9 and my Mom's dad used to be a Paligamist...so Im not kidding when I say my family is huge! It has influenced me into wanting 4 or 5 kids of my own. Lets just skip the newborn stage...yeah?

23. I tend to choose the hard way through life. I made a lot of stupid mistakes when I was a teenager, and I know a lot of people will be the first to say it is true. I have always chose to do what I love over making a lot of money. I think because of it I have grown in so many ways that others haven't. I mean who gets enagaged, married, AND has a baby in less than 1 year!

24. I have always loved small town like the one on Gilmore Girls. I feel like they have so much more history and are so much cuter. I don't want to live in one, but I want the architecture that comes with them. Again...I love art in every form.

25. I am a very private person. I can honestly say that the only person who really knows me is my husband. He is the only person who knows what makes me tick, and I love him for that. I tend to shy away from vunerability, and this can include opening up to people. Next to my husband my sisters are the closest people to me, and know me pretty well.

I think that is more than enough! I hope you enjoyed for those of you who actually made it through!


dani said...

Hey Millie! I'm not sure if you'de remember me but this is Danica used to be Guttery, now Fish. I found your blog through Heidi's and I just wanted to say hi! Your little family is so cute, congrats on the marriage and the baby. She is adorable!

Leila said...

LOVED IT MILLIE!! I totally agree with you about the Gilmore Girl town feel. Except I think I would actually like to live in a small town, as long as it wasn't completely secluded. Your amazing and I love you Millie Vanillie! ;P

miri said...

Hi! Yes it is my main blog. How are you and your cute family? Your baby is beautiful!

Cam and Bri said...

I totally enjoyed reading that post. I learned things about you I didn't know. As I was reading your post I was thinking if I have 25 unique things about me that people don't know. I will have to ponder that one for a bit.

dani said...

Hey I'm glad you remembered me! :)haha I'm doing great, just got married about a year and a half ago and just livin in Gilbert, going to ASU, and workin as a nanny. So how do you know Matt Sloan? They were the photographers for our wedding and we just love them! Oh, and your photography is beautiful, I wish I had that skill!