Twi Twi Twi Twitter

Ok...the new micro blogger (well new to me!) TWITTER. It is just like updating your facebook status, but thats it! No more strings attached. How lovely is that!
You can find people you like and follow them, and then hopefully they will follow you too.
What a great way to network with others with your same interest.
You can even update it through a simple text message! So easy, I love it!
I just recently joined, Follow me! :)
Is anyone else on Twitter??
Moving on: Saturday=WEDDING!!! How wonderful! My new photography friend Chris Paxman is graciously allowing me to second shoot with him for a couple of his weddings and the first one is in just 2 days! I am beyond excited! Remember to check with the photo blog for sneak peaks of my work.

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Love Cami. said...

MILL!! Soooo excited for you!! It's going to be so great to stock up your portfolio!

Are you guys coming tonight?