Slow Movin

Well things have been pretty chill around here. Devin's birthday was on Monday, thanks to my WONDERFUL sisters we had dinner for him. I am lame and didn't have time to get him the presents I wanted to, but he will get his sculpting tools soon enough! Lets see...Mckemy will be 6 months on Friday! H-OOO-L-EEEE COW!!! She is still as small as ever, and I think that is one of my favorite things about her. She is my sunshine and my cure from a bad mood. I love her so much.
I can not wait for this summer to come! Besides the heat, there are so many pluses to that season...Devin will be graduated which means MASSAGE TIME FOR MONEY! haha, and I will be starting up my swim lessons again, HOLLA and then we have photography and pest control! Then there is my birthday, and Mckemy's birthday. How great is summer time! Plus I won't be fippin 9 months prego this year, that calls for a celebration all by its self. Anyway: photography rocks. I just recentlys did a wedding and a bridal session, so check back with my photo blog for some of that goodness later this week. Coming up, engagement shoots! Love Love Love it! Thats all for now...over and out. :)

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