He is turning the big TWO-THREE

So the weekend is coming, yes, I know its only Tuesday :(, and that means Devin's Birthday is coming!! He will be turning 23 on Monday! I have no idea what to do...any ideas?? Lets all get together and do something!
Ok, So I know its a bit late...but never late than never right? My NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!
1. floss
floss FLOSS! Does anybody else struggle with this task, or am I just a loser over here??
2. Re-commit myself. My life has been in overdrive/fast forward for over a year (ie. getting engaged, married, AND having a baby all in 11 months) and I have lost my focus on everything. Re-commit myself to being in love with my husband, being PATIENT, and most importantly coming closer to my Savior Jesus Christ and striving to feel his spirit daily. I hope and pray that this year will be great, with not too many surprises!


Svancara Family said...

i HATE to floss!! I always start like two months before I have a cleaning and it's always so painful so I tell myself that I am just going to keep doing it every night so I don't have to go thru the pain ever again.....i always fall off the wagon as soon as I'm done with my cleaning...it's two months before and here I am in pain once again! Happy birthday to Devin, good luck coming up with some ideas! If you want to go out I'll watch your pretty baby for ya:)

Our Happy Family said...

give me a call and we can discuss the details. thanks so much for responding! I am still searching for a few more children to watch. so keep your ears open! thanks!