White Christmas

Well for Christmas we ventured up to Utah. The drive up was seriously ridiculously long and terrible! Despite my thoughts going into it, Mckemy was actually an angle! We took the Las Vegas route to try to avoid the weather, but we hit a 8 hour long snow storm anyway. We were driving 35 mph pretty much the whole way. We finally got there around 2 am Christmas day. The trip was fun, but we were more than ready to come home Sunday morning.
Mckemy was loving her new snow clothes!
She was just loving the snow, haha
Isn't she just so cute! She has so much personality in this picture!
Devin catching me off guard
Devin was wearing his brothers glasses while his brother went snowboarding...sexy babe!!
We went to go visit our friends who lived up in the mountains, and we came upon these iced over trees. It was seriously incredible!


Cami Clay Photo. said...

fix your pics so i can see them! im dieing!

Cami Clay Photo. said...

wow that pic is amazing! Love the snow.