Weekend Roadtrips Feed the Soul.

On Saturday Devin and I took a trip to the Casa Grande Ruins. I won't lie, a stress free trip was much needed. I loved it. The sky was so cloudy, so there wasn't very good lighting, and we only had 30 minutes, but it was still amazing. Mckemy was a perfect angle too. She was awake in her carseat for over 3 hours and didn't make a peep the entire time. She really is such a perfect baby. I love her so much! Enjoy the pictures.

After we left, since they closed at 5pm, we decided to drive around the town for a little while, and found this cotton field. The metering on my camera was off, and the lighting was pretty much gone, but I still think a few of them turned out alright...

I can't wait to go back.

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Cami Clay Photo. said...

COol Mill! We want to go on a road trip with yall! Fun FUn!