My very first tag! Thanks Megan!

10 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. Greys Anatomy!
2. Top Model
3. Lipstick Jungle!!
4. Private Pratice
5. Biggest Loser
6. 90210
7. The Ellen Show
8. Law and Order SVU
9. One Tree Hill
10. SYTYCD (I am a total loser)

10 of my Favorite Restaurants:
1. Gecko Griiilll
2. Olive Garden
3. Petes Fish & Chips!!!
4. Pei Wei/PF Changs
5. Costa Vida
6. Texas Road House
7. Tropical Smoothie Cafe
8. ...
9. ....
10. I hardly eat out.

10 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1. Fed my baby
2. Gave my baby a bath
3. Changed my daughters diaper!
4. Did the dishes
5. Read a conference talk
6. Read scriptures with Devin
7. Made Dinner
8. Blogged...
9. Wasted a whole lot of time
10.Woke up in the middle of the night for my baby.

10 Things I am Looking Forward to:
1. Devin graduating massage school!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Fitting into skinny clothes
3. My baby sleeping through the night
4. Being financially stable
5. Spending my life with Devin
6. Possibly going to the zoo tomorrow
7. Buying an amazing camera
8. Going back to school
9. Maybe going to Utah for Christmas
10. The Second Coming! Then all this crap will be over!

10 Things on my Wish List:
1. A Nikon D60 10.2 mega pixel camera or 12.2 mega pixel Cannon camera!
2. Having lots of money
3. A big shopping spree
4. My daughter sleeping 12 hours straight through!!!!!
5. To be done with school!
6. To have the voice I once had!
7. to own a home!
8. to have another car... honda pilot!
9. To be able to travel!
10. to be able to push a baby out and not get sliced open!!!
11. to have a personal hairstylist and cook every day!

Uhhhh everyone!


Cami Clay said...

I like the push a baby out and not get sliced open... you poor thing.. :(

Brian Clay said...

I started reading this, but then I stopped. Ha ha ha!!

7 McCoy's said...

I'd like to fit in my skinny jeans too! Someday:)