Our Halloween Pee Pod

Welp, Halloween was pretty fun. I had my heart set on taking her trick or treating. I know I know, she is only three months and Devin and I will be the ones eating the candy, but I was raised by my mother which causes me to be sentimental when not needed. Well don't worry, my dreams were crushed because we didn't have people to trick or treat with (we don't live in a trick or treat friendly neighborhood *cough* apartments) plus she was exhausted due to the 1 million errands we did that day. So to consol me and my crushed dreams, we stopped by my parents so we could officially trick or treat and so people could appreciate her cute costume (thanks to Briauna).
After that, we went to a halloween party but left quit quickly. Let me tell you, those things just arent the same when you have a baby and are surrounded by single people. Then we came home and crashed, just like old married couples.
If you look at her face closely, it once again has the expression of "seriously, why do I have to pose like this", she is definitely my daughter.

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megs said...

she is effing adorable. nice work.