Only her day.

So yesterday was my lovely sister Leila's Birthday!!!
My sister and mom thought to surprise her with lunch, so they called me and we brought her some yummy food! Her good friends Sarah and Sonia, and our cousin Allison also wanted in on the fun, so it ended up being a party! The food was good, the company was great, and Leila was super surprised!
While we were eating the YUMMY cake, my little temporary crown decided to pop off!
Go my mom takes me to the dentist so they can glue it back on real quick, badda bing badda boom; hah yeah right. They decided give me a full on appointment. My poor mom. She ended up watching Mckemy in the waiting room for 2 1/2 hours!! She truly is a saint!
Happy Birthday Leila, I hope it was a great day for you!!

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