At times I think the government should have complete control

Seriously, I have become the biggest sap since I had a child.
It makes me completely sick to my stomach to know that there are babies born who are addicted to drugs. Yes, there may not be birth defects, but that poor poor child who is born addicted to meth, cocaine, methadone (heroine),and to know that baby has withdrawals completely breaks my heart.
Those poor, perfect, innocent children.
Then on top of it, those people who choose to abort their pregnancies. How cruel can someone be.
I am sorry if this sounds like judgment, but to look at my own daughter and to see the light she radiates and the happiness she brings to my life, and then to think that there was a soul who didn't have the chance to even have a chance at this life makes me sick to my stomach.
I get and understand incest, but Heavenly Father has a plan for EVERY SINGLE ONE of his children. No one has the right to interrupt that plan. Which brings me to my next point.
I am so grateful for the atonement. For these horrendous, inexcusable, awful, absolutely horrible sins; sins that one could feel were unforgivable, aren't. Through our beloved Savior Jesus Christ, we are able to be forgiven and fill the holes and voids these sins give us. We are perfected and our sins are white as snow. What an AMAZING gift! A gift that is at the very tip of our fingers, whenever we are ready to come and partake of this gift, it is available to us. There are no hold ups, no 'do not pass go' signs, there is nothing stopping us, except for us. How beautiful, how perfect this plan of salvation our Father has prepared for us. What a truly perfect plan, oh how I love my Father in Heaven.


Cami Clay said...

Millie Gifford/Southworth...I can stay awake through Twilight and i will! haha i hope. come with me.

chop sticks said...

Thanks for posting this! I have felt the sweet healing power of the atonement in my life and it is just so amazing to me. Amazing that it wipes our slate clean and our Heavenly Father recieves us with open arms.

Libby said...

You are so funny about the 2nd coming...won't that be so nice?

About Lipstick Jungle, I didn't like the whole adultery thing in the storyline. I seriously felt nautious and sick everytime I saw the ad for it. That is why I am glad they canceled it. Purely my opinion. I surely am not mad at you for liking it. :)