1 year of tough perfect love.

So Sunday was Devin and my 1 year anniversary!! Man, what a difference a year makes.
I know that all of you are thinking, 1 year and a kid already too!
Yes, we move fast and take the long and very hard road, but like other great people before my time have said, I would rather swim in deep waters.
Yes, times have been hard...very hard, but I wouldn't ( I speak for Devin too) trade it for the world!
I truly have the most patient, incredible, fabulous, understanding, not to mention SEXY husband!
Here is a quick look at the past year of our forever marriage!
*Warning, Picture OVERLOAD!*


megs said...

i think you are pretty.
remember how i went to africa and had never heard of "devin" and when i came home you were engaged?.... hahaha i love you. i miss our friendship too mills. no one else can handle my bitchiness like you can.

Svancara Family said...

congrats on the one year mark!! it only gets better:)

Libby said...

Hey...we did it too! Having a baby before a year and it all works out. Hope you have many more wonderful years to come. Happy Anniversary!

Cami said...

Holy Cow. Congrats girl! I think Im just going to post your pics on my picasa web area so you can get them!

Cami Clay said...

Holy Cow! I cant believe it's already been a year! Congrats hun, and i think im just going to post your pics on my picasa site so you can actually get to them..

Cami Clay said...
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